About Us

Every fiction publisher has a purpose for being, a guiding principle that shapes their decisions, and ultimately the nature of their publications. Speculative Fiction can be powerful, opening up new ways of seeing the world, while challenging the readers preconceived notions. It can be groundbreaking, experimenting in new ways to tell stories, adding to the very art of writing. And, sometimes, Speculative Fiction can just be fun.

It’s this last one that is Thrilling Words’ reason for being. Not that we don’t like big ideas and experimental writing, just that we believe the first duty of entertainment is to entertain. Anything beyond that is a cherry on top of the thrilling story sundae.  Sometimes the story about fighting Nazi dinosaurs with laser swords is a biting political critique. And sometimes it’s just about fighting Nazi dinosaurs with laser swords. As long as there are laser swords, we’re on board.

But it’s not just fun stories, Thrilling Words is dedicated to promoting a type of fiction, the episodic story. Episodic fiction exists in the place between stand-alone fiction and serialized stories. Each episodic piece can be read as a self-contained story, but, together, they expand upon an idea or fictional world. The best episodic fiction builds a larger story by spreading outward from a central point, instead of traveling down a single narrative line. And it’s this type of storytelling that we publish at Thrilling Words.


Owner – Eric Kimball
Executive Editor – Jason Stawsburg
Submissions Editor – Daniel Hoagland (reforgewriting.com)
Narrator – Xuan Bui
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