We Failed

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A little over a year ago Thrilling Words started as idea. A theory on how to make a new flash fiction market using social media. That theory did not pan out. Part of it was money, part of it was not having the time to invest in the site and part of it was simply not having that “IT,” that undefinable thing makes something more that it’s parts.

The simple fact is we blew through our budget and didn’t have the readership to show for it. Worse we weren’t getting the submissions we needed to keep a regular schedule. In short, it didn’t work.

Rather than throw good money after bad we decided to end this project. We might come back one day with a new idea, a new approach, but for now, Thrilling Words is at and end. We would like thank all of you who supported us and all the authors who sent in their wonderful stories. We are sorry that we couldn’t get this sit to work.

Eric Kimball

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