So, it begins.

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Well, here we are, opening our metaphorical doors.  Not much to look at right now, we know.  An out of the box WordPress theme with similar out of the box plugins, even the banner image is just a public domain picture of the earth.  We had such grand visions for this site.  But grand visions take time.  Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good and never let the good be the enemy of the functional. And this site is fulfilling its function as a platform to deliver stories.

Well, mostly.  It’s mostly performing that function.  There’s just one little hiccup, hardly worth mentioning. We don’t have any stories, yet. That’s where you come in.  Hopefully you’ve arrived here off an ad or form post asking for writers. Let us give you the pitch as to why Thrilling Words is a place you should submit your work.

You give stories, we give money.

Did that work?  Are you all rushing to submit the fruits of your creative labors?  No?  Wow, tough crowd.

Ok, some more details.  The basic idea behind Thrilling Words is to ask authors to produce two flash fiction stories.  Stories that are related but not dependent on each other.  One story will be posted on the public website and social media, the other is put in the members area.  The public stories build the readership, and the member’s stories reward their support.  

But we aren’t just going to post the stories.  They will also be narrated and coupled with a professional illustration.  Our flat rate of $160 equals out to a minimum of eight cents per word, the current professional rate for authors.  We pay this rate because our goal is to become a recognized SWFA market, in a years’ time.

What are “related” stories?  What exactly are we asking you to submit? That’s a tricky one.  In its simplest form, just two stories by the same author can be called related stories.  We’re not against accepting that.  But ideally there will be a bit more to link the stories together.  They could be on the same idea, like robots making sandwiches, or better yet they could take place in the same fictional universe, the world of Machina Sandwico, if you will.  Anything that makes a reader feel like their getting a bit more of the thing they loved with the first story.

The one thing related doesn’t mean is a single story broken up into two parts. Because we want to entertain and entice our readers.  Not send them into a blood spitting rage over our crass commercialism.  We’re about celebrating the lost art of episodic storytelling, not exacerbating the publishing industries’ slow slide into wall-to-wall serialism.

That’s our pitch.  We can’t do this without your talent, dear writer.  Thank you for considering our site as a home for your creations.

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